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The South Province's Film Shooting Assistance Office in New Caledonia is designed to meet the needs of the film industry, offering maximum assistance to film units and production companies who are looking to shoot any type of project in New Caledonia (feature films, short films, TV programmes, advertising, commercials, documentaries...).

The film shooting assistance office provides a free service to help advise you with preparation, logistics and technical assistance, such as:
  • Information and photos provided prior to site visits
  • Location information (landscapes, heritage buildings)
  • Files on local technicians, actors and services
  • Working with local and ethnic formalities
  • Cast access
  • Accommodation arrangements, equipment hire and services required for your project.
  • Aline MARTEAUD

    Responsible for International Productions
    Tel : (00 687) 24 45 06
    Fax : (00 687) 24 45 08
    Benedicte VERNIER

    Responsible for local productions
    Tel : (00 687) 24 45 07
    Fax : (00 687) 24 45 08


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